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Financial Update


Administrative Council Finance Report  

April 25, 2023


Our financial health continues to be satisfactory in 2023.  Our church family supports the needs of the church.  We continue to pay our church employee salaries, insurance bills, and utility bills.    We paid our apportionments to the South Carolina Methodist Church each month.  Thank you all for supporting your Trinity Church Family.     


Following are some updates about our financial status:


  • The 2023 Operating Budget is $401,751.00.  The 2022 Operating Budget was $404,215.00.  The 2021 Operating Budget was $447,062.00.  The 2020 Operating Budget was $423,970.40 and the 2019 budget which was $347,325.00.    

  • Contributions as of April 23, 2023 are $110,939.32.  Contributions for 2022 were $340,999.21.  Contributions for 2021 were $317,917.88.  Contributions for 2020 were $302,802.48.  Contributions in 2019 were $346,336.69.        

  • Memorials and contributions to our Capital Improvement Fund in 2023 so far are $5,667. Memorials and contributions to our Capital Improvement Fund in 2022 were $41,587.03 which was our highest ever contribution level, largely to support our Trinity Center roof repair.  Memorials to our Capital Improvement Fund in 2021 were $14,476.50.  Memorials in 2020 were $13,720.  Memorials in 2019 were $13,625.

  • Expenses paid so far in 2023 are $77,440.69.  Expenses paid in 2022 were $325,403.70.  Even though we did not meet our budget goal, many of our expenses were lower due to the pandemic recovery.  Utility bills were lower.  Vehicle expenses were lower.  Education expenses were lower.  Expenses paid in 2021 were $322,843.30.  Total expenses paid in 2020 from our Operating Budget and the Capital Improvement Fund were $297,681.    

  • Apportionments in 2023 are $34,095.  We continue to make monthly payments.    Apportionments in 2022 were $37,345.  Apportionments in 2021 were $42,098.  Apportionments were $41,066 in 2020.  Remember that apportionments support various mission and administrative projects across South Carolina. 

  • We continue to support mission work in 2023.  As an example, a group of 13 went to Mission Central in Pennsylvania to an emergency response warehouse.  Another group of 13 are ready to go to Guatemala in June.  The Crafters donated $9,300.00 to 13 organizations so far in 2023 to support local needs and special needs across our nation and around the world.  In 2022 we supported many missions.  We made a donation to the Turkey Trot mission as a sponsor for $300.  We made a donation to PATH for $1500.  We made a $1000 donation to the Wesley Foundation.  We donated $1,000 to Mission Guatemala.  We donated $1,773.00 to Epworth.  The Crafters donated $9,000.00 to many organizations.  We provided $827 to support Vacation Bible School.  We supported the UMM Christmas Toy Drive for the York Police Department.  We supported the UMM project to provide meals at the Bethel Men's Shelter.  We continue to provide lunch bags to those in need.  We also supported the York Adult Enrichment Center by providing Christmas gifts.   This was a tremendous mission effort in 2022!  Blessings to all!

  • We currently have a balance of $103,256.96 in our Reserve Fund with First Citizens Bank.  We used $50,000 from our reserve fund in 2021 to replace the carpet in the sanctuary, refinish the chancel area floor, and complete a light refinish of the pews.  This was a necessary project to keep our sanctuary in good condition.

  • We opened an investment account with Edward Jones and have about $12,000 in this account as a reserve fund that has a better rate of return than the traditional savings account.  

  • We do not have a mortgage at Trinity.


Our average attendance so far in 2023 is ~77 at the 1030 service and ~23 at the 8:30 service for a combined attendance of ~100.  Our average attendance in Church in 2022 was ~70 at the 10:30 service and ~33 at the 8:30 service for a combined attendance of ~100 which is an increase of ~30 over 2021 attendance.

Sunday School attendance was ~52 so far in 2023.


The 2022 Annual Audit of Trinity Financial Status was completed on March 30, 2023 and provided to the district office as requested.  Thanks to Jamie Patterson for his support.     


Make an effort to thank everyone for their financial support of Trinity.  Continue to encourage others to attend activities at Trinity.  Pray for our Church family and all God's children.  We have been blessed!


If there are questions about this report or there is a need for additional information,

contact Dick Sweigart at 803-627-4860 or

Richard Sweigart

Finance Chair

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