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Financial Update


Finance Report
September 13, 2022

Thank you for your financial support during 2022. Our financial health is improving as we come out of
virus distractions in 2022. We have paid all our bills. You have supported the needs of the church!

Following are some updates about our financial status:


  • The 2022 Operating Budget is $404,215. The 2021 Operating Budget was $447,062.00.
    The 2020 Operating Budget was $423,970.40 and the 2019 budget which was $347,325.00.

  • Contributions for 2022 are $231,970.23 as of September 11. Contributions for 2021 were $317,917.88. Contributions for 2020 were $302,802.48. Contributions in 2019 were $346,336.69.

  • Contributions to our Capital Improvement Fund in 2022 are $39,646.30 as of September 12.
    Contributions to our Capital Improvement Fund in 2021 were $14,476.50. Memorials in 2020 were $13,720.

  • Expenses as of September 12, 2022 are $211,776.97. Expenses paid in 2021 were $322,843.30. Even though we did not meet our budget goal, many of our expenses were lower due to the pandemic. Utility bills were lower. Vehicle expenses were lower. Education expenses were lower. Total expenses paid in 2020 from our Operating Budget and the Capital Improvement Fund were $297,681.

  • Apportionments are $37,345 for 2022; $26,352.00 have been paid so far. Apportionments in 2021 were $42,098. Apportionments were $41,066 in 2020. Remember that apportionments support various mission and administrative projects across our state.

  • We do not have a mortgage at Trinity.

  • Our Savings Account balance is $103,203.77.

  • We have completed repairs to the Trinity Center roof. The cost was $40,000. The roofs over the entrance to the Education Building and the Trinity Center were replaced for a cost of $1600. The sound system in the sanctuary has been upgraded to provide live streaming of our church services using a grant from the Belin Trust. Donations were collected to provide a defibrillator for emergency use in our church.


Our average attendance in Church so far in 2022 is ~103 as of September 12, 2022 with ~70 in the 10:30
service and ~33 in the 8:30 service. Sunday School attendance is ~51. Church attendance numbers
continue to increase. Our average attendance in Church in 2021 was ~70 and our attendance in Sunday
School was ~55.

Make an effort to thank everyone for their financial support. Continue to encourage others to attend
activities at Trinity. Pray for our Church family and all God's children. We have been blessed!

If there are questions about this report or there is a need for additional information,
contact Dick Sweigart at 803-627-4860 or

Richard Sweigart
Finance Chair

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